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Disc storage box XL
for horizontal storage of polishing and grinding wheels up to diameter Ø 300 mm

Diamond suspensions water-based are now dyed according to the new color coding system:
1 μm - Blue / 3 μm - Green / 6 μm - Yellow / 9 μm - Red / 15 μm - Brown
All other diamond polishing materials are labeled with the product label.

Aluminum oxide (corundum) - Wet grinding paper:
Ø 200, Ø 250 and Ø300 grain size 80, 120, 180 and 320

Mobile Materialography:
Rubber plate Ø 30 mm: For optimum use with the Sic- wet grinding paper for the mobile component examination

Thin section accessories:
CT Crystalbond 509: Thermoplastic polymer with very good adhesive properties, 100 g

Precision cutting wheels borehole 22 mm:
Corundum precision cutting discs for soft, medium-hard and hard iron materials
SIC-precision cutting discs for non-ferrous-metals, Titan und plastics, Ø 150 und Ø 200

Embedding Materials:
WEM WiDa: Warm embedding material based on epoxy resin basis, black and white with mineral, inorganic
and glass-fibre-reinforced filling materials. Good adhesion to the sample surface, optimal edge connection.
Does not stick on the warm embedding press-machine!

SiC - Wet grinding paper:
Grain size 4000 Hermes:
Ø 200, Ø 230, Ø 250 und Ø 300, NSP138-NSP141
SiC-paper foiled grain size 2500 and 4000: The SiC-paper is foil laminated and well-suited for our adapter disc GeccoFix
NSP142 - NSP143

Dosing system CT Doser:
CT Doser is a dosing system for the manual dosing of diamond suspensions, Two-in-One suspensions and lubricants.
- Very fine dosing by adjustable dripping mechanism
CTDoser001 - CTDoser004

Diamond suspension water-free: Monocrystalline

Two-in-One diamond suspensions water-free: Monocrystalline

Alumina suspension grain size 0,50 µm, TONPOL006
Alumina powder grain size 1 µm, TONPUL001

Compressed air spray:
for non-contact cleaning of dirt and cutting residues, 400 ml

Mobile Materialography:
CT MobiPol: Transportable grinding and polishing machine with rechargeablebattery for mobile component materialography.
- offers all possibilities to be used flexible on-site
- consists of a control unit and a precision-handpiece with a power-micro motor



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